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What is FQM

Free Queue Manager. Web based management system developed for the purpose of easing the process of organizing queues and lines. Like many other queue management systems, this system does provide a basic control panel that allow the users and customers alike to interact with it via a basic and simple user interface. Point that makes this system different from others, the fact it's free to use, modify and share. Which makes it a good alternative to the many expensive management systems. Moreover, The independent nature of this system, has influenced the development towards more independent IT solutions, that won't require you to be more dependant on specific operating system or hardware, instead finding new solutions that fits all.


In this beta release of the system, a lot of improvements made in regard to the speed and responsiveness of the system. As well as multiple newly added features. Nevertheless, the current state of the system is still under-testing but with the recent improvements on the core functionalities and code, the performance speed of the current release is almost double that of the previous one. Lastly improvements and additions in regard to internationalization been made. The current version supports five languages English, Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish in printing and text-to-speech verbal announcements. More improvements in that regard are currently in development, If you have any corrections or suggestions, contact support.

Major Features

Web-based platform

It gives the ability to multiple users and devices to interact with system at the same time, without the need for Internet access. It has the ability to run on any local network .


Gives the user the ability to customize every interface , granting a unique and special experience for every user .

User management

Offers a user-based platform, so multiple users have the ability to register, log-in and monitor their own assigned by Admin tasks .

Phone features image

POS Printers

Support for major POS USB printers on the market. By a simple click, you can assign any connected USB printer, Supports printing four languages English, Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish.


Offers a multimedia platform, that any permitted user can upload videos, images or sound files to, so they can be incorporated in the customization process .

Verbal announcement

Supports text-to-speech clear and high-quality verbal announcement, in five different languages English, Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish and with different preferences and settings .


Update / Feature Status
Adding pull from all offices and tasks Newly implemented upon a redesign of the database structure, so still under testing.
Adding common tasks across offices, simply allowing more than one office to have the same task As well it goes under the new database change of structure, so still under testing but so far functional.
Adding option to disable the browser notifications, like new release and Firefox notifications Works and stable across all browsers.
Fixing repeating announcement insane delay bug Works perfectly in its current state, cross browsers and platforms.
Adding a side tool to diagnose and test printing on windows platform Newly implemented but works perfectly so far, tested on Windows 10.
Fixing the insane delay caused by the repeated caching of minifed page content Works perfectly, improved the response duration to 2.1 seconds in the worst cases after server caching is done.
Adding option to hide office prefix from the display screen Newly implemented but works well enough so far.

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Updates: 0.4 beta

Update / Feature Status
Adding full Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic support Fully supported across the board UI, TTS announcement and GUI
Adding asynchronous front-end based TTS announcement Fixes multiple previously existing TTS announcement issues
Adding nested order based TTS announcements Works stable, with improvements on UI in the coming releases
Adding recall feature for repeating announcement after the fact Currently stable, with occasional glitches. More improvements in coming releases
Adding and improving CSS styling appearance and performance Fully stable, with no improvements needed any time soon
Adding new FQM releases notifier Currently stable and supports all operating systems
Adding pseudo dynamic restorable forms for customizing Display and Touch screen Currently working tested on Firefox, Other browsers are likely to produce errors
Fixing multiple ticket printing issues and bugs Currently printing on Window and Linux is tested by different users and reported to be working

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Updates: 0.3 beta

Update / Feature Status
Implementing new display screen UI features Currently stable, tested on most recent Firefox and Chrome
Implementing new audio announcement repeating features Stable and tested on major browsers and operating systems
Add Italian, Spanish and French support to text-to-speech audio announcement Not sure of the quality of translation, but it works.
Add Italian, Spanish and French support to printed tickets Implemented with English letters, hopefully native letters will be utilized in coming releases
Add multiple operators for offices Usable, with a basic user interface, to be improved in the future
Unlimited multimedia files allowing bigger, more multimedia files to be stored and used
Implementing better unsaved forms reminder Stable and tested on Firefox and Chrome, more improvements in the coming release
Better auto-reloading for manage Stable and more flexible implementation of auto-reloading without backend storage

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Updates: 0.2 beta

Update / Feature Status
Support usb POS printers and interacts with them on Windows platforms Works and tested on XP and above
Implementing PySide Qthread, to manage the web server Works and solved running error on MacOS when using multiprocessing thread
Arabic language support to GUI and Web UI Works perfectly
Adding QR code shortcuts support, to the major routes Works perfectly using Flask-QRcode
Support printing tickets in Arabic Almost impossible directly, but there's unstable work-around using Pillow library to create an image of the ticket and print it instead of dealing with unicode and Arabic letters
Adding more interactive front-end features and improving appearance Works perfectly and bugs free so far
Improving performance on browsers other than Firefox A work in progress , supports Chrome on major platform so far
Dual text to speech announcement in two languages Works perfectly , using gTTS library and with added threading to reduce response time
Autoreload touch and display screens, whenever customized Tested on Firefox and works well so far

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